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Premium driveways, paths and patios in Northern Ireland

At BC Surfaces, we're all about turning outdoor areas into amazing spaces with our durable and stylish resin bound finishes. We blend traditional craftsmanship with the latest tech to bring you stunning results. We are passionate about quality and making our customers happy, so every project is a source of pride for us. Ready to spruce up your outdoor space? Reach out today!

Driveway in Bushmills area in Vuba's 'Taj Mahable' resin bound finishPath in Coleraine completed in Vuba's 'Palazzo' blend

Resin bound driveways can be tailored to match your exact aesthetic requirements. We can advise on mixes of colours, trims and even unique details or features. Beyond the Aesthetics there are a number of benefits:

UV Resistant

UV stable resin has the ability to withstand derogation that is caused by exposure to sunlight, meaning over time, the likelihood of any uneven shading should be greatly reduced. Another advantage of UV resistant resin, over the cheaper non-UV resistant resin, is that is has a more flexible characteristic when cured, as a result the surface is less susceptible to cracking.

SUDs Compliant

When installed on a porous sub-base, a resin bound surface will provide a fully permeable option allowing any surface water to drain through to the natural ground, resulting in a SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant option. These systems are designed to help to prevent flooding and pollution. Due to the nature of this option there should be no further requirement to install drainage channels or lay the surface to any falls.

Slip Resistant

During the installation process of resin bound, a fine layer of crushed/dusted glass is applied to the surface before the resin has set to provide additional grip. As the resin bound system is permeable there should be no lying water on the surface in the colder weather that inevitably freezes.

Weed Resistant

As our product is a completely bound surface, it is totally weed resistant, removing the need to use potentially harmful weed killers and sprays and risk damage to the native ecology. Furthermore, a primer is applied to surfaces prior to installation to make especially sure no unwanted weeds can grow through. If any unwanted seedlings or algae should appear on the surface a quick brush or power wash is all that is required making a resin bound surface an environmentally friendly choice.

Frost Resistant

The fully porous surface of a resin bound system eliminates waters ability to pool or rest on the surface. This means that in the winter there is no opportunity for water to freeze making this a frost resistant option. As no water lies on the surface, your resin bound installation is not subject to the same freezing and thawing conditions some traditional surfaces are.

Low Maintence

The benefits listed in the other points all add up to give you an attractive, durable and low maintenance option for your outdoor areas.

Our Materials

Highest quality resin and aggregate

New for 2024: We have recently added a new supplier to offer a wider range of colours, finished and pricing options.

Get in contact to see the range of colours and finishes on offer. We will happily advise and work with you to create your perfect area.

24+ Colour Options

Natural colours, will not fade

Mix different finishes for unlimited options

Vuba case with 24 sample palets of different colour options

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